Glimpse + AppHarbor = Sad Face :('re using MVC3 right? Good. And you're using the awesome new server debugging/troubleshooting tool Glimpse right? Naturally! And you're deploying to fantastic AppHarbor platform right? Of course you are! And they all go together like peanut butter and chocolate right? WRONG!

While all 3 of these things are quite awesome, you'll be quite disappointed when you push your site to AppHarbor and then try to get a Glimpse into what's happening on the server-side. This is because Glimpse

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Customize an Existing Amazon Machine Image (AMI) from Windows

Creating a custom AMI from scratch can be a daunting task, not to mention time consuming. There are a lot of public AMI’s that are a pretty good start to many tasks, so it might be easier and quicker to just customize one. I’ll assume that you have already:

  1. Signed up for EC2
  2. Installed and Setup the EC2 Command Line Tools
  3. Launched an instance of the AMI you wish to customize.
  4. Customized the instance and it is still
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Remove 'Compress Old Files' from Disk Cleanup Wizard

Haven’t had to use this trick in a while since I’m running Vista on all my machines these days. I was over at my Mom’s house using her ancient XP box that was almost out disk space. I fired up the disk cleanup wizard and then I remembered why I don’t like it. It takes about 3 years to scan every file on the disk and suggest that I compress the old ones. Follow the steps

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Installing Ubuntu 8.04 under Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

Trying to install Ubuntu on VPC 2007 I kept getting the following error:

An unrecoverable processor error has been encountered.

The virtual machine will reset now.


After much searching I landed at a blog post by Robert Cain over at Arcane Code. He has a nice step by step for installing Ubuntu 8.04 on VPC 2007, however like myself, many folks were still getting this error. Reading down the comments there were several suggested workarounds. This one from SteveZ

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