Installing Ubuntu 8.04 under Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

Trying to install Ubuntu on VPC 2007 I kept getting the following error:

An unrecoverable processor error has been encountered.

The virtual machine will reset now.


After much searching I landed at a blog post by Robert Cain over at Arcane Code. He has a nice step by step for installing Ubuntu 8.04 on VPC 2007, however like myself, many folks were still getting this error. Reading down the comments there were several suggested workarounds. This one from SteveZ fixed the problem:

  • At the prompt, press F4 and select “Safe graphics mode”.
  • Then press F6 and delete the part that says “quiet splash –” and replace it with “vga=791 noreplace-paravirt”.

You can read Robert’s excellent step by step at: Installing Ubuntu 8.04 under Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 « Arcane Code And be sure to check all the way down the comments if you are still having issues. Lot’s of smart folks chiming in over there.

PS: Don’t forget to edit grub to use those options after you install or you won’t be able to boot!

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