Install Redis as a Windows Service using Chocolatey

So you're developing your hot new application and you say to yourself  "Self, we should Redis because <insert-one-of-many-reasons-redis-is-awesome>". But, like me, you're primarily a Windows person and every time you see instructions look like $make blah-blah-blah you say "Ewww, I just threw up a little bit in mouth".

Not to worry! I got you covered. Using the fantastic Chocolatey package manager for Windows you can just do:

C:\> cinst redis  

...and BAM you've got a local redis instance running as a Windows Service. You can hit it from any redis client at http://localhost:6379.

I can only take credit for packaging this up for Chocolatey. All of the really hard work is done by:

If you're not familiar with Redis you should probably Google it and make sure you are using it because it actually solves your problem and not just because someone on the internet told you it was awesome. ;)

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